Pet Friendly Apartment

Pet-Friendly Apartments with Four-Legged Friendly Living

Journal Commons understands pets make life wonderful. They’re our best friends and are always there when we need them. Why should anyone have to keep their pet in a kennel? Your four-legged friend belongs with you; that’s why we are proud to say we are a pet-friendly apartment community in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee! 

We ask everyone to be aware of their pet’s body language; if they’re acting peculiar, they may be anxious. Many animals have anxiety, and many pets have separation anxiety varying on specie and personality.  

Even if your pet doesn’t seem to have separation anxiety, they may become anxious if left alone while you’re at work. The best way to manage your pet’s stress is to expend their energy. If animals don’t exercise enough, they will have an energy surplus expressed as “nervous energy.”  

You must prioritize spending quality time with them each day and ensure they get enough exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Milwaukee is a forward-thinking and pet-friendly place, so keep your eyes peeled for coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even retail stores that welcome dogs and cats! 

Milwaukee Pet-Friendly Parks

Milwaukee has numerous pet-friendly parks! Next time you leash up your pup, walk down to Zeidler Union Square or over to Cathedral Square Park.  

These urban green spaces are vibrant and bustling with various community festivals, events, and markets. Complete two tasks at a time by taking your dog out and finishing up some work with Cathedral Square’s free Wi-Fi! Your pup can join you for a stroll through Zeidler Square at the weekly farmer’s market.  

Ensuring A Pet-Friendly Community

Every pet owner must live in a pet-friendly apartment community. It is foolish to hide your pet in a pet-prohibited community; it is playing with fire. You will tarnish your renter’s reputation and risk an eviction once caught. 

Living in a pet-friendly apartment community is much wiser, and other residents and pet owners will be happy to see you and your pet in the halls. Likewise, it is an excellent networking opportunity to learn where all the pet-friendly places and establishments are located. Who knows, your pet may even meet their new best friend! 

Ensuring A Pet-Friendly Community

Having a dog wash station in an apartment building can be a convenient and useful amenity for residents who own dogs. It allows them to easily wash and groom their pets on-site, without having to go to a separate location or use their own bathroom or tub. This can be especially beneficial for people who live in small apartments or have limited space for grooming their dogs at home.

Additionally, a dog wash station in an apartment building can be a great way to foster a sense of community among residents who are dog owners. It can be a social space where people can meet and interact while they take care of their pets, and it can also be a way to promote responsible pet ownership by providing a convenient and safe place for residents to groom and clean their dogs.

Overall, a dog wash station in an apartment building can be a useful and appreciated amenity for residents who own dogs, and it can help to create a sense of community and support among pet owners.

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Pet Questions? Schedule a Tour with your Furry Friend!

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